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Yachting vs Boating

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Yachting vs Boating

Yachting vs Boating? In boating, as it is perceived and practiced, the patterns of the Western way of working are repeated: presence, ostentation of success, consumption, competitiveness seasoned with a lot of fashion or lifestyle, exhibitionism in a television sauce, etc. presence, disposable, often even beyond the limits of fairness that expresses a visible automotive mentality especially when returning to port. It is a question of understanding the meaning of words and of getting out, once and for all, of an exclusively commercial vocabulary, all about selling and buying.

So it is one thing to talk about boating, it is quite different to talk about sailing holidays yachting. An English aphorism is indicative in which it tells of a captain at the helm of a large yacht, who feels the beauty of the moment, the sea, the wind and the boat, until he is convinced to let the owner participate in this deep joy of his, for which he asks him: “- Do you want to take the helm, Sir? – “and the noble and rich shipowner, perhaps distracted, replies:“ – No thanks, I never take anything before ten o’clock! – “. This is not yachting, it is nautical, in this specific case, of luxury.vs

Yachting vs Boating

''Yacht & Sail''

The one presented by the “Yacht & Sail” style television magazines is nautical. For them, the “yacht” is a large cabin motorboat and the “sail” is almost always a sailing regatta boat disguised as a cruiser. All linked by &, in fact, commercial.

The sea and sailing here are of marginal importance, it’s a nuisance, something that you can’t control at will, like “- Please, give me a force x sea with a wind from x degrees of direction, which guarantees me the the success of the event and the full success of the side initiatives (cooking competitions, sale of local products, fashion shows with various interests, etc.) – “.

If we look closely, boating manifests itself with habits that are very different from sailing holidays yachting; you live camping in the marinas, you go out late in the morning to go for a swim three or four miles away, you come back quickly, all together, shower, change of clothes, dinner at the marina restaurant and night in the clubs, all without leaving the port space. It is the same behavior and the same spirit of those who take a holiday in the tourist village of some exotic country, without ever leaving the village enclosure, partly for fear of possible aggressions, but essentially for lack of interest in the life and culture of the country that is hosting us. Sailing holidays yachting is something else.

Meanwhile, the yachting enthusiast tends to prefer the harbor to the marina, rarely has an interest in the diversions offered by prefabricated marinas, instead looking for the beauty of the places and their specific characteristics, making tourism more cultured.

The Spirit of Yachting

The authentic spirit of yachting was born between the two wars and reached its peak around the seventies. Sailing holidays yachting is love of the sea and the wind, of travel and solitude until the next stop, whether it is for a few hours or many days it makes no difference. It is an intimate experience, the development of a similar passion, but substantially different from person to person, because a sunset, a sunrise over the sea, a look, the vision of a rocky coast, a storm, a gust of wind give sensations different to similar people, united by a common thing: living them aboard a boat.

And this boat is not just any float, it is the yacht. And it is synonymous with freedom, to leave when you want, to go where time and the sea take you, devoid of the slavery of the clock, commitments and above all package holidays. Those who love the sea love it always and forever.

The desire to be carried by the waves, to cross it (no matter the distance) and to breathe its smell, are true, deep and spontaneous feelings that are part of the life of all those looking for an alternative to “conventional” existence on the land. Such a profound concept is certainly a reason of great inspiration for those who want to free their creativity.
Thinking about it, there isn’t even a big difference between high ground (link to ocean crossings) and coastal cruise (Link hai tour).

The only difference is the time that elapses between one stop and another and the greater preparation required by the fact of not being able to take refuge in a port in advance and having to face the storm when it arrives. In yachting, the small coastal cruise and the great height meet, they are both in search of a lost humanity, of small spaces and the breath of the ocean, of people near and far, of the solitude of the journey and of company found or rediscovered in the next stop. After all, the passion for small navigations and the great height are two different but perhaps identical moments of the same passion.

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