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Yacht Charter Caribbean Myblue4you, Guaranteed professionalism. Many dreams of being able to live the experience of sailing in an economical way and without having to buy a boat. In the same way, many owners need an income to amortize the costs involved in maintaining a boat. MyBlue4you is a digital platform that solves this double problem by providing all the necessary guarantees to owners and tenants.

How was MyBlue4you born?

MyBlue4you is a startup born in 2018 when the Founder of an Italian entrepreneur passionate about boats and a complete team of experts in yacht charter Caribbean, digital marketing, business administration, commercial business, and cryptocurrency.

They analyzed a series of significant data by studying the American and European nautical landscape: thousands of boats remain in a state of inactivity inside the ports producing important costs for their owners (including maintenance, mooring, insurance, and ordinary interventions) and many of these boats they sailed on average only 10 days a year, generating an expense equal to 10% of their value for the owners.

In the same way, they realized that there was a whole host of people eager to navigate the world economically and without having to take into account the costs to be incurred. The founder decided to create a platform that would help owners to amortize expenses in a certain and safe way, follow them on their journeys, yacht charter Caribbean, cross oceans, and stopping for medium-long periods in different paradisiacal places in the world. It also allowed charterers to have an experience at sea without having to buy a boat based on trust and sharing.

In September of the same year, the website for Panama and the yacht charter Caribbean was created, while in November 2020 the startup revolutionized the whole digital part by changing the team. The most ambitious programs, and the most technical and advanced personnel, allowed us to create a new, more technological platform open to the whole world.

One year after the launch of the website, in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, MyBlue4you expands further with the creation of a more complete and technological update of the platform, which makes the rental process even faster and more intuitive, and adds up to a total profit for sizable owners.

Myblue4you Sailing boat 4

Subsequently, given the sudden success, MyBlue4you begins to invest in technology by planning in a few months to come out with an updated platform that will use Blockchain technology, with its own MB4Y token and with a massive increase in the available boat fleet (30%).

As a competitor to a leader in the online boat rental sector in Central America The next step is the opening of the platform to professional boat and yacht rental companies, arriving at a forecast of offering more than 30,000 registered boats available in 50 countries around the world, By offering a Fidelity Crypto Coin service, a private Could you have boat owners where you can upload all the promotional material, tours, virtual web, etc. to the platform.

How does it work?

It is an online platform that connects boat owners with potential renters. Just like Airbnb hosts, navigators who want to rent their boat can create a free ad with a photo and description of the boat, setting the price and availability of the dates; once approved by the company’s Account Managers, the announcement is published online.

The tenants contact the owners directly through the messaging of the MyBlue4you team to ask all the relevant questions. Owners have access to the lessee’s boat data sheet and are therefore free to safely choose the right people for their boat by offering a personalized offer. As soon as the request is accepted, it will be possible to finalize the booking with online payment.

In the yacht charter Caribbean MyBlue4you search page, it is possible to filter the search by setting various parameters: type of boat, price, passengers, cabins, active promotions, location, and paradise playa holidays. The owners can then decide whether to travel with the charterers as captain of the boat (always if the lessee has also requested the presence of a skipper on board), entrust the boat to a professional skipper, or give an all-inclusive service such as a luxury hotel, offer guided tours.

The online platform is currently available in different languages, a transport booking service is available, and hotels for reaching the yachts. Furthermore, MyBlue4you has a complete (360 °) management service for yacht owners, currently in Panama.


Each market has a team dedicated to research and account management, which is then further divided into regional areas of expertise, in this way MyBlue4you ensures continuity and trust in the relationship that is created between owners and platform, as well as precise follow-up in relation to case studies with the renters, updates of announcements and calendars and details necessary for the proper functioning of the rental.

With a few simple steps, you can rent your boat or find the perfect boat to rent.

To guarantee the best service to all users, the platform prioritizes the ads that have an excellent response and booking rate, as well as those with positive feedback, which therefore guarantee high standards of service. Following the health crisis, each owner is invited to carefully follow the rules for sanitizing the internal and external environments of the boats to ensure maximum safety on board.

The most attentive owners are identified with a special badge; furthermore, the booking policies have been adapted and made flexible, and a Covid guarantee has been established.


On the other hand, tenants can create an account on MyBlue4you and start looking for the ideal boat to rent in a simple and safe way. We will also have (in development) a Fidelity “Neptune” program that allows access to multiple promotions, services, crypto coins, etc. A strong point of the platform will be that customers will be able to present direct booking offers (In Boat) to boat owners, which in turn can be accepted or sent a counteroffer.

The ads contain photos and descriptions, promotional periods, extra services, and comments from previous tenants. Selected boats are currently available on the platform. The search page is easy and intuitive, inside you can consult various parameters such as the year of construction of the boat, shipyard, price, passengers and cabins, engine power, offers in races, and the presence of a skipper or not. After choosing the most interesting ad, tenants can chat directly with the owner thanks to the portal’s messaging system.

In addition to the standard insurance offered by the owners, various additional insurances can be added at the time of booking, such as, for example, cancellation due to weather conditions, and the new Covid guarantee; in any case, most of the owners have adapted the booking conditions, making them flexible and proposing a postponement of the travel dates or a refund.

On the MyBlue4you website, there is also a blog that offers interesting content for users: recommended travel itineraries, news, tips, and events. Furthermore, by visiting the social page, users will be able to stay updated on the most interesting offers and the best navigation paths. It is also possible to request the help of a ‘cruise advisor’, a figure who will follow the search and booking process with valuable suggestions and advice.

Gladan Myblue4you

Myblue4you yacht charter Caribbean, we recommend that you read this too: First Sailing Experience feelings

My first yacht charter Caribbean experience

¨Today is a fantastic day, the sun is hot for the body, the wind caresses the skin, the salt water heals all ills, the sail fascinates me to the point that the mind forms its own dimension, far from thoughts and problems. With my first sailing holiday, I rediscovered the little joys of life, forgotten and hidden from the daily routine; unfortunately, the stressful work, the endless lines in the car in the streets, the depression for the usual problems of life, and the same things that are repeated every day like a slow motion movie! they make us forget how beautiful it is to live my friends.

I remember that I arrived at a tourist port, I parked my car as if to detach myself from my routine world and become part of the world of the sea.

There in front of me, they appeared as if by magic! I saw them there, lulled by the sea waiting for you, with the mighty trees, the many bright colors, the inviting and tidy decks, and the stowed sails. The first thing I thought is that for many it becomes the substitute for a pill taken every morning.

I couldn’t wait to get on it: the smells, your thoughts, the song of the halyards in the wind, a lonely seagull winks at you, the fishing boat returning with the taste of the sea; My mind was already sailing in positivity, I already felt better, emptied of thoughts. “The time has finally come!” I met the skipper and my new adventure companions, the operations went quite fast, we were already late…

We settle on board, have a welcome cocktail, a laugh, and let go of the moorings we slowly detach ourselves from the dock and I have already realized that the negativity of life cannot swim to reach me.
The sea welcomes you with its waves, none equal to the previous one. I enjoy the moment, I am just absorbed in my dimension, and everything else is nonsense.

When the wind finally comes, it’s time to hoist the sails!

With emotion in body and soul. The mainsail is raised and a magical shock is felt in the body. The wind begins to carry you. The smells change, the melody of the sea intoxicates the senses, there is no traffic, and there is no pollution. The sky and the horizon are one. The genoa, the headsail, calls you back eager to participate, and now to give it space. You let go of the halyard and he inflates with pride. He absolutely wants the wind, showing all his strength of him.

I am completely ecstatic about the interaction with these new friends who will lead me to visit new places, one different from the other, and new experiences. New faces, always different from each other. Your direction is on the horizon!
My name is Fabio Casieri, I am the CEO and founder of Myblue4you, this was my first experience more than 35 years ago. I always want to remember it and try to convey to all of you this joy of making your sailing holidays. and I invite all of you to share your emotions in this blog.

Thank you very much and I hope to always give moments of lightheartedness, to give you opportunities that your dreams become a reality. Read our articles, visit our website and use our digital platform to find your dream, your boat, or your vacation spot. Sign up to use our services. A warm hug to you all. Welcome to the Myblue4you universe.

Thank you so much.

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