Sailing Ionian Islands: Greece at its best
Scattered along the western coastline of Greece, the lavishly verdant Ionian Islands have a very unique character brought on by the passing of the Venetians, French and British. Covered by pine forests, olive groves, and vineyards these islands are a paradise on earth with their white sand beaches and emerald waters.

World-renowned Corfu has been a favorite holiday destination for centuries and for a good reason. Medieval castles, palaces, rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and endless beaches will capture your heart and imagination.

Lefkada will excite you with its award-winning, stunning beaches. Kefalonia will charm you with its lovely villages and the million years old caves. Paxi and Antipaxi are a dream come true on earth with the sapphire waters. You should not miss Ithaca, home to Homer’s Odysseus, with its tranquil villages. Zakynthos became famous for its “shipwreck” beach but is also home to Greece’s first marine park. Every spring the rare Caretta caretta sea turtles, an endangered species, lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of Zakynthos.

The Ionian Islands are a paradise for sailing holidays and cruising. Get ready to explore a land of beauty, history and culture!