Tours Packages for San Blas

Tours Packages for San Blas Amazing Islands

one week san blas GUNAYALA yacht charter

Tours Packages for San Blas Detailed description

This is a cruise suitable for all, young and old. The program includes a stop and a shift per day. The sails are raised when the weather is good and safe, the captain makes the decision.

Guests are not always experienced, so everyone’s wishes will be respected. For those who want a sailing holiday and long sailing as a first expectation, we recommend choosing another package.

Dive into the Blue
Price tours premium week San Blas
$ 1650
Includes ground transportation from airport to hotel, first night 4-star hotel stay, roundtrip transportation to the ship, all-inclusive sailing tours.

Important: once you will have sent the email, we will reach out to you in a short time to better define your trip

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