Panama to Cartagena

A five-day adventure through the Gunayala archipelago, land of the Kuna, touristically called San Blas. Portolindo is the port of departure, a small town near Colón, there is a marina where dozens of sailboats and catamarans have been covering the Panama to Cartagena route for a few years. There is no road that connects both countries, the Darien jungle currently prevents any possibility of connection and travelers have two options, the boat or the plane.

Our option is in sailboats and catamarans. The prices are varied, it depends on the boat, the service, whether it is shared or private and the route. Normally they include everything, three meals a day, fins and diving goggles, daily fishing and immigration procedures.

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A description of the places you will visit during your sailing between Puerto Lindo and Cartagena.

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Places you will visit during your tour Panama to Cartagena

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Panama to Cartagena
The San Blas Islands of Panama is an archipelago comprising approximately 365 islands and cays, of which 49 are inhabited. They lie off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, east of the Panama Canal. A part of the comarca (district) Guna Yala along the Caribbean coast of Panama is home to the Kuna people.

San Blas and its surrounding area is a haven for ecotourism because of its pristine environs. The area is also popular for sailing, as it is known for its beauty and lack of hurricanes. Notable locations in the Archipelago are the main capital El Porvenir, the densely crowded island village of Carti Sugtupu, and the two keys, Cayos Limones, and Cayos Holandeses, both renowned for their clear waters. The islands could be rendered uninhabitable by sea level rise in the late 21st century.

Indicative 5-day program Sailing Boat Tours

5 days and 4 nights

The sailboat leaves in the afternoon and sails all night to Gunayala (San Blas). One of the large islands “Porvenir” serves as a customs exit from Panama. Solved the issue of the papers, the sailboat continues its journey to Cayo Lemon and Cayo Holandeses.

When the ship anchors off the island, the bottom is dotted with huge scarlet-hued starfish. It looks like the negative of a night sky, the algae are clouds and the sardine beds are stardust. In the afternoon, the Kuna move between the sailboats with buckets full of the lobsters they have caught. After three days in the paradise of Gunayala (San Blas), the sailboat sails miles towards Cartagena.

They are another couple of sailing days, but nothing to do with the previous ones. A few hours after leaving San Blas there is only sea around. The fishing reels are ready, all that remains is for some tuna to bite for dinner. Cartagena can be sensed in the background due to the brightness that breaks the horizon.

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Santana cat
15 People
2 Cabins
2 Bathrooms
Dufour Gib'Sea 51
12 People
5 Cabins
5 Bathrooms

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