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Sailing holidays and free tourism

More and more often we have the desire to be constantly on the move, to move from one place to another freely, independently. To have a thousand goals and desperately try to reach them, no matter how. What you need is to slow down the pace of your life, at least let’s try it during the holidays. This is one of the concepts underlying the culture of sailing, a philosophy that rediscovers the pleasure of traveling, which deserves the same attention as life itself. Inside there is the desire to feel good about yourself and find inner peace, to return to the origins, to the essentials, to return to being masters of your own time.
Today, in particular, in a period in which isolation and social distancing have become the order of the day, we have a large, and unusual, amount of time for ourselves. And precisely in accordance with the philosophy of “free tourism”, we can only see a positive side, that is the opportunity to relax and move away from the superfluous, finding a new charge of energy, to be exploited in free time and during our holidays . This is why sailing free at sea with sailing cruises are an excellent example for cultivating and practicing free tourism.

Sailing holidays is free tourism par excellence.

Sailing uses the wind, that is to say, it goes to the rhythm of nature and by definition invites us to slow down to rediscover the value of important moments and live them in a more conscious and intense way. These are the emotions that pervade all those travelers who choose to approach the sea.
Simply imagine the beauty of a sailing trip, during which the most spectacular thing is the charm of the navigation itself. Waking up in a bay surrounded by nature, the breeze that inflates the sails by sliding the boat along the breathtaking coasts, pristine islands, and the opportunity to observe the views from a unique and authentic perspective.
Sailing holidays

At sea, time gives us a respite.

Free tourism will save us. A sailing cruise allows you to break the hellish sleep-work routine and take the necessary time for yourself and relaxation. The goal is not to return from a vacation with the feeling of being even more tired than when you left. When you return to work after a slow journey, you don’t complain to friends and colleagues that the holidays “went too fast”. On the contrary, you feel full, you have clear ideas and positive vibes for your projects.

Contact with the sea nature, we'll learn how to respect it.

During a sailing holiday experience, the goal is to become aware of the importance of respect for our planet and the natural environment that surrounds us. It also serves to take the time to discover different, genuine landscapes. Think of the thrill of discovering new realities, coming into contact with the traditions of the sea. This is where true beauty lies. Meet a herd of free and playful dolphins, a solitary whale during its traversal with its young, birds that use the boat to rest on long journeys, living with us exciting times without fear, discovering the strength of the wind, the power of the sea.

respect the sea

On a boat we are all brothers

When you travel by sea aboard a boat blown by the wind, you learn to be satisfied with little, with the essentials which are the main value of free tourism. Through unique experiences based on human and natural exchange and contact, we rediscover the importance of loved ones and find the time to experience real moments of complicity and to have deep conversations. Sailing means immersing yourself 100% among people, discovering their daily life without being intrusive and understanding their way of thinking.
We learn to be more tolerant with ourselves and with the people who live around us in small spaces and indeed we will begin to appreciate them for real and to leave out stereotypes. Following this health emergency, tourism even at sea seems to be a great opportunity to start over in the best way. It will allow us to give ourselves a different journey, based on the search for a purpose and which has as its primary objective the discovery of the territory, human relationships and even a little bit of ourselves.

"True face to face" relationships are strengthened on the boat.

For many, it has become difficult to occupy their time without our useful electronic devices, which connect us virtually to the social network. The beauty of turning off our hi-tech devices and turning all our attention to other activities that are real, interact face to face with the friends around us and share fun new experiences. For phone calls or check notifications on social networks, there will always be time.
The very nature of a holiday aboard a sailboat brings people together. We no longer live confined to separate rooms, like in normal homes. On board there are common areas, you can maneuver and relax close to each other, eat together and enjoy nature by sharing sunbathing, panoramic views and swimming. Better than replying to comments or seeing selfies and digital photos.
Enjoy the sun with myblue4you

Sailing holidays, nature and people are more and more exciting from life.

In conclusion, in your holiday on a sailing boat you face new itineraries with destinations to be discovered: there is a new island, a bay or a port to explore every day. Children and parents can take a kayak, a Stand Up Paddle or snorkel and witness different forms of marine life, stroll the beach and exotic shells, walk remote paths in search of the perfect view or just hang out with the locals to make new ones. friendships and absorb an unknown culture. No matter what you do, every day on the water offers you endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

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