sailing Holiday in Las Perlas
Sailing holiday in Las Perlas Islands

Departure point: Isla Contadora

Description: The sailing Holiday in Las Perlas Islands is a very unique experience. You will feel renewed by the experience of immersing yourself in the waters of the island and the lifestyle that you see around you; so close and so achievable. Historically, the Pearl Islands have always been the shining pearl of Panama, coveted by all who sail in this tropical marine wonderland.

Since the 17th century, when the Spanish discovered the pearl-rich islands, many politically prominent and wealthy people, as well as celebrities, continue to keep these islands on the map as the favorite destination of the rich and famous.

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Sailing Holiday in Las Perlas - Tour Description

Among the 39 islands of the archipelago, three stand out. According to their territorial extension, the following are classified: Isla del Rey, the second largest island in Panama; San José Island, which is the second largest in the archipelago and the seventh nationwide; and Contadora Island, located to the north and the most visited by foreigners. However, the classification according to the tourist services offered is different.

Contadora Island is the only destination that is equipped for tourists. Its population is small, as is its area of ​​1.2 square kilometers, so no cars are used. They all move on foot or in golf carts.

Contadora offers excellent beaches and safe swimming spots. Its exclusivity helped it to allocate a portion of its beaches to nudism, Las Suecas. And although its title is “naturist beach”, that is, it is considered an optional nudism beach.

The place is shaped like two crescents and is hidden to the southwest of the island. Isla Saboga comprises ten pristine, extensive beaches along secluded coves and inlets and an abundance of exuberant vegetation; an idyllic setting that offers a life of relaxation and adventure. For those who are more active, the stunning surroundings provide unbeatable hiking, scuba diving, panga tours, kayaking, bike rentals.
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Isla San José, although larger than Contadora, is reserved for luxury resorts. Arriving travelers have the island’s beauty to themselves.
Isla del Rey is the largest island in the archipelago and also has the largest number of inhabitants in its town which is home to two thousand people. On the island there is the airport, but almost no development or tourism.

Other islands that make up the archipelago are: Casayeta, La Mina, Pacheca, Gibraleón, Viveros, Casaya, Bayoneta, Galera, Mogo Mogo, Cañas and San Telmo.

Available Boats for this Sailing Experience

Lagoon 44

A very comfortable, safe catamaran designed to tackle even long transoceanic voyages.
Las Perlas

Cyclades 50.4

50.4 foot sailboat, 4 cabins with private bathroom, large living room and equipped kitchen.
Las Perlas
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