Luxury Sailing Charter San Blas


We offer you  a large choice of luxury and Very comfortable yacht

Allow yourself to be inspired. Lifestyle, culture,beautiful coastlines, secluded cove beaches or water sport activities- all of this can be had and done from on board a luxury yacht. A dream vacation awaits you, step out of the box and enjoy a journey of another level with our luxury sailing charter
Profesional Crew
Air Conditioning
Exclusive Design
All Inclusive
Amazing Food
First Class Program*
Panama city by night - Luxury tour
Day 1

Arrival in Panama City

Arrival at Tocumen International Airport, Panama. Free evening to visit the city with overnight stay in a 5-star hotel.
Day 2

Private Transfer to airport/eliport to San Blas island 

Where your luxury sailing charter awaits you. The trip lasts about 45 minuts. In the early afternoon, enthusiasts can immediately get a taste of the reef and swim in search of giant starfish, colorful corals and tropical fish, while the others enjoy an aperitif in the sun and relaxation in Green Island.
Luxury Sailing Charter 01
Day 3

Sayling the Caribean sea – Coco Bandero

Ready to sail! If EOLO is in a good mood with a nice fast sailing we sail to Coco Bandero, another postcard berth. Anyway, it’s a fact that wherever you look, your eyes sparkle. The horizon is dotted with groups of palm trees and dreamy landscapes, where the well-sheltered mooring and the colors of the sea mix with the blue of the sky.
Day 4 – 5

Holandes Keys

We will be in the Caribbean rhythm, with extreme naturalness and slowness. Relaxed wake up, breakfast in the cockpit and lots of dives! Everyone will have the opportunity to do what they most like: swimming, fishing, reading, walking on the beach…

The sail of the day will be to Holandes Keys east, with its crystal clear water and natural pools. Beware of starfish, there are plenty of them covering the seabed, they should never be pulled out of the water, either for few seconds, they could suddenly die.

Day 6

Visit Banedup – Lemon Keys (Cayo Limon)

Perro grande, these islands are the jet set of tourism in San Blas. natural pools, white beaches, local kuna restaurants, coral reefs for snorkeling.

”Money Heist” Island 

Day 7

We begin our sailing to visit the beautiful island Salardup

During the tour we will stop at the Pelican Island of the famous tv series “Money Heist”, where we will have lunch and refresh ourselves with a swim.
Yachting in Antarctica
Day 8
Cambombia Island
We will enjoy a few hours of relax while sailing to visit the island of Canbombia where Kuna friends will welcome us with their smiles. It will be possible to do some local crafts shopping and buy some souvenirs, dives and somersaults from the boat to then reach the white beach in the shade of coconut palms.
We will spend an unforgettable day sipping a drink between one bath and another. Sports enthusiasts can try their hand at kayaking and Sup board tests. In the evening kuna dinner based on fish, lobsters, giant crabs and coconut rice..

Day 9

Return to the airport for transfer to Panama city

We will leave behind the wonder of the San Blas archipelago and return to the coast and from there to Panama City. We hope this vacation will be forever etched in your hearts.

We provide luxury sailing charters in some of the world’s top sailing countries such as the Caribbean, Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Italy.

Please contact us to organise your personal intinerary on a luxury sailing charter option
Price for 4 guest from:

*luxory sailing yacht 16.000 $
*luxory Catamaran 21.500 $