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From your platform, you will be able to promote your boat and receive customers’ requests. Easily manage your boat’s profile as it would be your website.
Post your best pictures and describe what would be your customers’ experience. Describe your yacht in all its details simply filling up the forms we have prepared for you. Follow a step-by-step path to show your boat in front of thousands of potential clients. Follow our video tutorials or contact us if you get lost in the process. We will be there to help you out.
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Also, you can safely manage all your customers’ online payments

Committed to growing digitally

Constantly investing for the innovation

Nowadays everybody knows how the internet plays a fundamental role to get known your product or service all over the world. At Myblue4you we are committed to constantly growing our internet presence.
Doing this alone can be hard, but being part of a community makes everything easier and more financially affordable. Using the latest marketing tools, we are sending to the platform thousands of potential customers every week. By using our digital services you will get tons of benefits and higher visibility right away.
Also, consider joining our membership to get a personalized marketing plan for your boat in order to receive even further earnings.


The new way to interact with clients

The ideal Yacht Charter program that makes our charterers save money and give them the opportunity of launching a proposal to our boat owners.
Once you will receive the offer from the charterer, you will be able to accept it or relaunch it.
Once the two parties, the charterer, and the owner, find an agreement the deal will be closed.
The Myblue4you mission is to offer to our community, access to a charter service at the right price.

The initiative is based on free negotiation between the parties to agree on the trip rate. While filling up the form, the passenger specifies the tour location and the amount they are willing to pay. Based on this information, different boat owners accept or re-launch their proposals and it is the user who ends up accepting any of the proposals received.

Monthly analytics report
Get to know your customers
At Myblue4you we take marketing seriously. We daily analyze from where our clients are visiting the platform and what actions are taking inside it. We are actively running Google Ads and Social Media Campaigns to attract new people to our ecosystem. At the end of each month we are able to show how many people hve visited your boat and from where.

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