Sailing Experience in Las Perlas

Askim Deniz

12 People
6 Cabins
6 Bathrooms

Sun Odyssey 440 Pitter

9 People
4 Cabins
2 Bathrooms

Dufour 390 GL Pitter

8 People
3 Cabins
3 Bathrooms

Jeanneau 54 Pitter

13 People
6 Cabins
4 Bathrooms

Sun Odyssey 410 Pitter

8 People
3 Cabins
2 Bathrooms

Bavaria C42 Pitter

8 People
3 Cabins
2 Bathrooms

Tour Description

Day 1

Departure from Amador, Panama

Transfer by ferry from Amador (panama) to the Contadora island where we arrive at 9.30, directly on board your sailing boat, where we await you with a delicious morning lunch.

We set sail for the island of Bartolome, a true paradise. Virgin nature and crystal clear waters characterize this place where you can snorkel and spend time swimming and admiring the magnificent landscape. In the afternoon we go to visit the island of Contadora overlooking the Pacific Ocean with its white sand beaches, its verdant tropical flora and its fabulous landscapes.

Day 2

Chapera & Mogo Mogo Island

After a rich breakfast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we set sail to visit the islands of Chapera with its white beach with crystal clear water and you can swim in its beautiful natural pool, and on the other side, the island of Mogo Mogo . A paradise of virgin nature, one of the pearls of the archipelago, spectacular beach, white sand, emerald water.
The day will end as always with an excellent dinner based on succulent recipes for your palate. 

Day 3

Island Pedro Gonzales

Wake up in the middle of the ocean amidst spectacular landscapes, set sail to visit another pearl, Pedro Gonzales, a beautiful island with breathtaking beaches. The sorkeling is great, a quiet place to relax with its very cheerful and kind people. It is also very nice to walk and admire the archeology of this enchanted place. A day of vacation spent in the best way.

Day 4

Bayoneta – Gibraleon – Casaya 

We put the bow to the north and on this wonderful day we go to the island of Bayoneta, the uninhabited island of Gibraleon and Casaya, the pit stop for a great adventure, one of the most characteristic places in the Pacific of Panama.

Day 5

Isla Fantasma (Ghost Island)

This last day will be fantastic, after a short navigation between coral reefs and shallows with crystalline waters, we arrive at a fantasama island !, a white sand dune with crystalline natural pools. We will also make a stop at La Mina island, Viveros island with an incredible white beach and turquoise waters. Here you can admire beautiful sunsets.

Coco Bandero

Day 6

The last day

Breakfast and back to the farmer in the morning, take advantage of the last fun bath and take advantage of this delicious cuisine with lunch. In the early afternoon, return by ferry to the city of panama

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