Fun things to do on a boat - Kayak

Fun things to do on a boat

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Fun things to do on a boat

If for you boat is also synonymous with exploration and a healthy dose of physical activity, read with us the sports that will accompany your boat holiday!

Renting a sailboat with or without a skipper for your holidays is often synonymous with a totally relaxing holiday immersed in the sun and the sea. But this holiday philosophy does not necessarily have to represent what your boat experience will be for you.

If you are the type of person for whom vacation is synonymous with adventure and fun, there are many sports activities to undertake.

Water sports activities during your sailing holiday

Fun things to do on a boat - Stand-up-paddle

Surely the most popular activity for those who decide to spend their holidays aboard a sailboat or a catamaran. Fun and not too demanding activity, SUP is also very useful as a means to reach the mainland as an alternative to the race. But remember, equip yourself with a backpack or waterproof bag in which to store your wallet and mobile phone, it’s okay to be fit but better not to risk.

Fun things to do on a boat - paddle

Fun things to do on a boat - Kayak

An alternative to the Sup is to have fun with the kayak, you will find both double and single solutions (check availability and cost with the charter company). Kayaking or canoeing can be an excellent solution to combine a bit of sporting activity with the possibility of exploring bays and islets without necessarily having to arrive directly with your sailboat or catamaran.

Fun things to do on a boat - Snorkeling

If you are a lover of nature and the marine world, surely you must take advantage of your sailing holiday to dive to discover the most beautiful seabed and coral reefs in the world. Arm yourself with fins and mask and dive into the charm of unexplored marine landscapes.
Admiring the seabed can be a truly exciting experience.
As simple as snorkeling, it requires small precautions to be practiced safely. So let’s see how to snorkel by first discovering what equipment is needed to start practicing it and then revealing some useful tips for snorkeling safely!
Typically the snorkeling kit includes:


How to snorkel safely.

When snorkeling, you are an observer of the sea and its depths, so you must never forget that you are a guest in the sea. Avoid touching fish, seabed and corals. This could “annoy” the marine environment, but also put you in contact with stinging organisms or to which you may be allergic.
Finally, do not forget that by spending hours in the water admiring the seabed, you are not always attentive to what is happening around you, above the sea surface. So, if you have someone waiting for you on the boat or on the beach, tell them where you will go snorkeling and what time you will come back, they can monitor your safety.

Fun things to do on a boat - Kayak

Fun things to do on a boat - Kitesurf

Usually this type of equipment is not rented by our charter company, but if you are a fan of this sport you can certainly take advantage of your boat holidays to embark your personal equipment and enjoy a week of sailing and kiting!
Reserved for certified experts, if you are self-taught or practitioners, you must always be accompanied by an expert who takes responsibility for your safety.

Fun things to do on a boat - Fishing

Sea also means this, and for fishing enthusiasts it is certainly a perfect time to devote themselves to this activity. Not only can you have fun, but you will also have earned your dinner. Your crewmates will surely appreciate!

Fun things to do on a boat - Yoga and meditation.

Is it possible to practice yoga on a sailboat? It seems so. Even if the deck of a boat is not exactly the most stable place you can find to practice yoga, the inspiration given by this magical and relaxing environment will make you find your balance.
The sea, the horizon, the sound of the water passing over the hull, the song of the seagulls, the sunrise over the expanse of blue water, the soft light of a starry sky. If you are used to imagining all this by closing your eyes (perhaps with an audio that guides you) to find concentration and enter this environment, you should try this experience aboard a sailboat. Here all this is real, and instead of closing your eyes and imagining it you just have to open your eyes, and observe it!


Don’t forget, you are on board a sailboat! What better time to test yourself and learn or perfect your sailing techniques. Get help from your more experienced companions or your skipper and fully enjoy this new adventure

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