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First Sailing Experience feelings

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First Sailing Experience feelings

First Sailing Experience feelings –  The warm sun for the body, the wind that caresses the skin, the saltwater that heals all ills, the fascinating sail to the point that the mind forms its own dimension, far from thoughts and problems.

With my first sailing holiday, I rediscovered the little joys of life, forgotten and hidden from the daily routine; unfortunately the stressful work, endless lines in the car in the streets, depression for the usual problems of life, and the same things that are repeated every day like a slow-motion movie.

I remember that I arrived in a marina, parked the car in the marina, and became part of the world of the sea. I saw them there, lulled by the sea waiting for you, with the mighty masts, the many bright colors, the inviting and tidy decks, the stowed sails. For many, it becomes the substitute for a pill taken every morning. I couldn’t wait to get on it: the smells, your thoughts, the song of the halyards in the wind, a lone seagull winks at you, the fishing boat returning with the taste of the sea, my mind was already sailing.

“The time has finally come!” I met the skipper and my new adventure companions, the operations took place quite quickly, we were already late …. we let go of the moorings we slowly detach ourselves from the pier and I already realized that the negativity of life cannot swim.

The sea welcomes you with its waves, none alike. You enjoy the moment, it’s just you, everything else is far nonsense. When the wind finally arrives, it’s time to rig the sails! With emotion in body and soul. The mainsail is hoisted and a magical jolt is felt in the body.

The wind begins to carry you. The smells change, the melody of the sea inebriates your senses, there is no traffic, there is no pollution. The sky and the horizon are all one. The genoa, the headsail, calls you back eager to participate, and now to give it space. You let go of the halyard and he puffs up proudly. He absolutely wants the wind, demonstrating all its strength.

You are completely enraptured in interacting with these new friends who will take you to visit new places, one different from the other, new experiences. New faces, always different from each other. Your direction is the horizon! My name is Fabio, this is my life choice and I invite all of you to share the emotions in this Blog.

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