Eating amazing food on a sailboat

Eating amazing food on a sailboat

How important is the food on your sailing holiday?

We strongly believe that food plays an important role in someone’s holiday. In fact, eating amazing food on a sailboat holiday can make you leave an outstanding experience. The peaceful sea combined with the flavor of fresh and healthy food…it’s the perfect match. At Myblue4you we strive on every trip to offer fine fresh food, made with top ingredients.

Eating amazing food on a sailboat is also refreshing and relaxing for your mind. We mainly serve seafood-related dishes and typical Italian Food. We buy only fresh ingredients and we cook on board, also in front of our clients, if they ask to. Along the way, we had many guests with the same passion for food, and we have welcomed any tips. In fact, when you love eating healthy and well, it’s good to meet other culinary cultures and experience them.


San Blas Islands - The Kuna Yala local food

A legendary meal that is served in San Blas is the Red Snapper fish with coconut-flavored rice. The Red Snapper is taken on the same day that it is to be eaten because the San Blas sea keeps has a fish-rich environment.
If you come to San Blas you will definitely eat the best lobster dish of your life. As usual, the lobster is served with coconut rice, and the flavor of this dish will definitely make your day happier. Eating lobster in San Blas is a must.
It’s been 8 years that we sail around the San Blas Islands with our Sailing Tours, and so we know how to make sure that you will be eating only in the best local Kuna places.

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Eating amazing food on a sailboat - Pargo Rojo (Red Snapper)

San Blas recepies - Healthy food on a sailing holiday

Some foods can really be good for our health. The food we cook and put on the table for our guests and their family, in fact, has strong power. Based on the culinary choices we make, we can take care of your body and your well-being. The only thing we will have to do is to know the properties of each food, understanding which one may be the most suitable for you. And today we want to present one that could really help us against some health-related problems. Let’s see which one it is exactly.

On our boats to the San Blas Islands (Panama), WHO eats this delicious fish fights bad cholesterol and improves eyesight!

Not everyone knows that there is a food that can really make a difference for our health, “Fresh fish”.
Some variants, in particular, are more helpful in fighting high cholesterol. We are talking about our “Pargo Rojo”. In fact, many natives of these beautiful islands that we will introduce you to with our sailing holidays, eat this delicious fish that fights bad cholesterol and helps your eyesight!

This food is rich in vitamin A, among other things. It is an essential component for improving our eyesight. So, if we have a situation where our eyes are likely to no longer be those of a hawk, we can try and take advantage of our holidays with the characteristics of this delicious fish.

Pargo rojo

Eating amazing food on a sailboat

Some more curiosities about the Red Snapper

American Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Pargo Rojo is also excellent for fighting high levels of bad cholesterol, however, it has many other properties!
In fact, it is one of the fish with the lowest cholesterol levels. And therefore he could seriously give us a hand even in this battle by having, among other things, quite important doses of semi-essential omega 3 fatty acids. Furthermore, his caloric intake is really low. And if we were on a diet or were thinking of getting back in shape, this fish can really do for us. In fact, it lends itself well to different recipes and therefore we can easily check the kilos on the scale without sacrificing taste.

“Pargo Rojo al forno” cooked at low temperature to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and flavor. Easy to prepare, accompanied with fresh seasonal vegetables, seasoned with natural coconut milk from the San Blas islands, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, a pinch of salt.

Mmmm how good it is! Come and taste our cuisine and our ”pargo Rojo”.Get in touch with us today!

Sailboat Holidays in Las Perlas

We love sailing, we love peaceful places

Eating amazing food on a sailboat - Shrimp and vegetable rice salad

The right recipe suitable for navigation

There are days in our holidays that we need to move to reach places where we can only visit by boat. Uncontaminated places where peace, colors, and fun reign is guaranteed. It is not always possible to cook on a sailboat, in certain circumstances it could be uncomfortable, and here is this fresh and very tasty recipe, ideal for sailing, as a single, delicious and practical dish.

The base is rice, an ingredient rich in nutrients that are very useful to the body, thanks to its innumerable properties, first of all its high digestibility, much appreciated during navigation. We will add fresh seasonal vegetables for a very important supply of vitamins and mineral salts.

Another fundamental ingredient is the prawn tails, purchased fresh then peeled and boiled. These delicious crustaceans are a source of proteins, vitamins, and also contain very few calories and zero carbohydrates.

A treasure trove of useful nutrients for holidays at sea; One serving of shrimp satisfies your calcium, zinc, vitamin A, E, and B-complex intake. They also contain iodine, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. A real nutrient refill!
You can not miss the extra virgin olive oil, fragrant fresh parsley, and some anchovies for those most prone to seasickness …..
our dishes are balanced in fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and low salt usage.

We just have to wish you a good navigation! Welcome to our corner of culinary paradise.

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Eating amazing food on a sailboat - Fusilli al ragù di polpo ubriaco.

''Fusilli with drunken octopus in Bolognese sauce''

A rich, complete and appetizing dish for our guests.


Among the tastiest and most versatile fish, octopus is an excellent ingredient for preparing summer, fresh and dietary dishes thanks to the absence of thorns and ease of preparation. There are also many nutritional virtues of this ingredient and just as many methods of cooking and preparation.

Octopus, a valid ally for the diet: properties and benefits

Perhaps not everyone knows that octopus is particularly suitable for low-calorie diets. Suffice it to say that a 100 g portion provides only 57 kcal and that only 1.5% is made up of carbohydrates. Low in fat – about 1% of its weight – and rich in protein – in this case it is about 10% – octopus also provides a valid supply of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and B1.

Thanks to the remarkable quality of connective tissue, this mollusk has the advantage of being a very satiating food. Despite the reduced amount of fat in its meat, octopus is also a decent source of good cholesterol: a 100g serving contains about 70mg, or 23% of the maximum recommended daily amount.

For these reasons it is the protagonist of this recipe of our onboard menu: Fusilli al Ragù di octopus drunk. Dish also rich in fiber because we use the least refined Italian pasta possible.

Sailing Holiday in Las Perlas Islands

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Eating amazing food on a sailboat - Calamari del capitano (The captain's squid)

The captain's squid


Squid is low in saturated fat, it is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are especially beneficial for heart and arterial health.

The proper functioning of the metabolism is ensured by the presence of high quality proteins, zinc and vitamins of group B, the health of bones and teeth is facilitated by the presence of phosphorus, the antioxidant defenses are supported by selenium and the control of the functionality of the heart and cellular metabolism are favored by the presence of copper.

This menu recipe is served for lunch or dinner. It can also be done with octopus. Both enhance the flavors of the sea, with Mediterranean scents of ancient Italian cuisine. The squid together with its cooking sauce is served on the plate over slices of Tuscan bread, garnished with vegetables. It is accompanied by Italian wine (or the one available) White. A very appetizing single dish balanced by carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

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