Sirena 64 Blue BNC

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Spacious interiors, reduced fuel consumption, and oceanic autonomy. The Sirena 64 sets a new course in the yachting world and introduces a range that the Turkish shipyard has entrusted to two renowned nautical design institutions. A yacht designed for the pleasure of sailing and living on board with elegance, style, and comfort.

Part trawler, part shuttle, or simply a mini-explorer, a concept increasingly appealing to those who prefer experiencing the sea rather than showing off at trendy marinas. Boats of this kind are often viewed with a mixture of admiration and respect, akin to an agile SUV.

However, it is unfair and limiting to label it merely, as it is an undoubtedly original vessel with a clear adventurous inclination. Adventure here doesn’t necessarily mean chasing perfect storms but rather fulfilling the desires of those who love navigating and exploring the world in comfort and safety. The Sirena 64 adeptly accommodates both leisurely displacement cruising and exhilarating planing when time calls for it.

These situations perfectly resonate with the characteristics of the Sirena 64, the first model in a new series of five motoryachts – ranging from 58 to 120 feet – through which the Turkish shipyard aims to captivate enthusiasts of grand nautical experiences.

12 People allow
6 Bathrooms
6 Cabins
Boat Type: Yacht
Location: Mallorca
People Allow: 12
Cabins available: 6
Bathrooms: 6

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