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A sailing holiday is a mix of sport, adventure, relaxation, contact with nature and the discovery of enchanting places with the possibility of living new experiences every day.
It is enough to respect a few small rules and know a few simple basics to convince yourself that your next sailing holiday could be the top. So let’s see how to organize a few days trip on a sailing boat and not arrive unprepared.

A Sailing holiday is suitable for everyone:

Even for families, apart from a few extra tips, this type of holiday is anything but a gamble. Just choose a boat with adequate space and your children will have no time to get bored, away from video games, computers and mobile phones, learning new notions about the sea and nature.

Groups of friends who want to have fun a little without worries could not choose a better solution: freedom, originality and the vastness of the sea at their complete disposal.
For the older ones or people who have never sailed and an excellent experience, with our professional skippers, they will have the opportunity to try this unique sailing experience.

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How to prepare the luggage for a sailing holiday

That’s right, better call it baggage, not a suitcase. Trolleys are prohibited on board: they take up a lot of space and if they crash they can ruin the boat or hurt you. Choose a backpack or foldable duffel bag, like the one for the gym. When you board you have one or two lockers in the cabin to store your things; the empty bag will be stowed until the end of the holiday. I find it convenient to use travel organizers so I can switch everything from luggage to locker in an instant and everything remains fairly tidy during the holiday.

Clothing for sailing holidays.

For a week in the summer plan:

• 3 light sports clothes for day and evening
• 1 dress to go ashore
• Swimwear (as many as you want)
• Waterproof windbreaker
• Clean shoes for moving on the ground
• Slippers for showering in the marinas or going down to the beaches
• Light shoes to use when swimming in the sea, to prevent corals or small debris from hurting us
• Hat and sunglasses (Polarized)
• Minimum 50 fp sun cream
• Insect sprays

Bed linen and towels

It depends on the arrangements you have made, sometimes you find sheets and towels on board, sometimes you have to bring them. I always have a very compact lightweight sleeping bag with me, because I like to spend a few nights outdoors, if it’s not too wet. Remember a beach towel to keep for

Bathroom accessories

The sensitivity towards everything that ends up in the water is the responsibility of all of us. For this reason, some boats provide biodegradable soaps and shampoos; some can even be used with salt water. Ask the skipper if he has specific rules for his boat. If you can’t get hold of plant-based products, choose those that don’t foam: you will need less water to rinse them and you won’t leave any visible residue in the sea.

There is no bidet in the bathroom of the boat. You can use the extendable sink faucet or bring wet wipes with you. But remember that nothing should be thrown in the toilet (not even toilet paper). You will find the appropriate containers.

Sun creams are indispensable. Do not bring oils and bottles with sprayers, as they risk greasing the common areas and making the deck slippery. High protection cocoa butter also helps lips exposed to sun and wind. Can you wear tricks and perfumes? Yes, if you can’t do without it. But be careful that some products contain alcohol or other substances that, if you then expose yourself to the sun, cause spots or irritation.

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Other useful accessories in your sailing holiday

It will be useful to have a backpack or bag for shore excursions. Also bring a waterproof pouch to keep your phone, money, and documents protected from splashes or slips in the water (even a simple food bag with a sealed closure is ok).

A flashlight helps you get around in the evening without turning on the lights if others are asleep. If you are a light sleeper, bring earplugs and an eye mask.

To recharge the phone cameras, tablets, drones, and other various games, it is important to know that they must be charged during the day (due to solar energy) when the generator or the engine of the boat is on. Avoid charging them overnight. On the boat, there is 110/220 v or 12 v like that for the car. You may find it convenient to have a multiport USB adapter, to charge all your devices with a single plug. I also always have a power bank with me. In navigation, electricity is precious.

Do not use appliances that consume too much electricity such as hairdryers and straighteners. The warm wind of the tropics and the hot sun will help you.
The sun also dries the swimsuits hanging on the rail (the railing of the boat). Bring some clothespins to keep them from flying away and remember to collect them if you dock in port. Few sailors bear the shame of mooring with the boat in disorder.

Medicines on board

Each boat has a small first aid kit for emergencies. Bring your usual medications, and add something you are used to for minor ailments: headache tablets, sunburn cream, stick for insect or jellyfish stings, seasickness remedies (essential) avoid those with placebo effect (like bracelets etc.), they could make your holiday a little uncomfortable ..

VERY IMPORTANT; Remember to always notify the captain before embarking, if you have special needs, such as diets, intolerances and especially allergies or chronic diseases where urgent intervention is required

The skipper will surely tell you what to bring, but an identity document (passport) is always needed, especially to stay in port. Always inform yourself before leaving which vaccinations you must have and attention to keep in mind during your holiday.

The last thing to take with you is the desire to have fun, harmony with the people you will meet and the awareness that sometimes a small problem must be forgotten with philosophy, you must not allow your holiday to be unpleasant. Coexistence in a boat and other things from life that you are used to doing. You need a good spirit of adaptation, to the small spaces, to your new friends who share the holiday, and above all to the crew who work a lot for you, to make you feel at ease and entertain you. At the end you can reward them with a small gift of gratitude.

See you soon friends! I can’t wait to sail with you.
Your skipper

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