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Amazing Sailboat Food

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Amazing Sailboat Food

A style of nutrition that aims to combine our good health with respect for the planet and sustainability in an environment of relaxation and inner peace like on your boat holidays.

In general terms, “Amazing Sailboat Food” is an attitude that links the knowledge we have of ourselves to meditation and a lifestyle that is respectful for our guests and the environment.

“Amazing Sailboat Food” can contribute to the sense of satisfaction that you feel at the table, we try to choose the most correct foods for that moment, able to satisfy the appetite, but also the mind and the emotional sphere. “Amazing Sailboat Food” then means knowing the characteristics of the different foods and building a correct and healthy relationship with what we put on the table during your sailing holiday with us.

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The philosophy of "Amazing Sailboat Food"

The philosophy of “Amazing Sailboat Food”, of course, lies first of all in removing all sources of distraction such as the television on, the cell phone ringing or posts to be published on social media. Yes instead to a good conversation, in calm and relaxed tones, perhaps to comment on our taste sensations. We try to appreciate all aspects of what we are eating, starting with colors, aromas, textures and tactile aspects, and while we chew, we focus our attention on the changes we perceive in flavor.

“Amazing Sailboat Food” – A HELP FOR THE PLANET – also means shopping more wisely, preferring seasonal products, reading the labels and paying attention and recognizing the meaning of acronyms and substances among the ingredients. It also means discovering the origin of the different foods and preferring local ones and, perhaps, organic and pesticide-free, and more sustainable for the environment. And, in undertaking all this, we will pay attention to the importance of choosing foods with eco-sustainable packaging and we will do the separate collection of waste more accurately.

In our sailing holidays you will find our “Amazing Sailboat Food” philosophy to eat healthy, light and consciously. Let’s not forget to respect the environment that hosts us.

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